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What is the Association for Creative Industries?

Welcome to the heart of creativity

Come to the Association for Creative Industries to drive your business into the future.

The Association for Creative Industries is the premier trade association for the creative arts products industries. We foster creativity, business growth, and inclusiveness to stimulate industry success. We are the heart of a vibrant global community of manufacturers, retailers, crafters, makers, influencers, bloggers, and creative professionals. Here you can make vital connections to exchange ideas and inspire collaborations that lead to new business growth.

We keep the pulse of the creative arts products industry. We are the creative destination for education, training, and insights you need to transform ideas into actions to accelerate business growth. We bring the community together to learn, connect and discover so that trade professionals, businesses, and the industry thrive.

Together we are shaping our creative future. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of creativity through sharing and teaching. And it all comes from the heart.

Find your success at the heart of creativity where we inspire you to learn, connect, and discover!





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