Becca Feeken comes from a long line of crafty folks who made things out of necessity;for 

Becca, it’s a lifestyle.  As a child she was never bored. She loved to learn and used every possible waking moment to create.

Becca blends a love of sewing, embroidery, needlecrafts and jewelry-making into a passion for gift making and paper crafts.

Becca’s philosphy is, “Creating out of a spirit to give, breathes life into the roadmap for my incredible crafty journey.”

Watch this Video to learn more about Becca’s Amazing Paper Grace Collection

About the Workshop: Becca will be teaching us book binding techniques and is so excited to be presenting to avid fellow crafters in Niagara where she can really “go to town” on presentation and crafting skills.

AFCI Canada is grateful to Becca Feeken and Paula Jones of Spellbinders® for their generosity of time, talent, and support of the Association for Creative Industries and AFCI Canada.

 For Full Retreat Details and Registration click HERE

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