Creativation 2017 ExecutiveAFCI Canada is a chapter of the Association for Creative Industries – a global organization.

AFCI exists to serve its Members. This association serves the creative industries. We are striving to be your advocates, your information resource, your research partner, and your community.

Everything we do is done FOR you, our Member.

New and exciting programs, benefits, and opportunities are in development as we continually strive to deliver greater value in your Membership.

AFCI Canada is a strong chapter led by a passionate and active Executive. We work to bring you-our Canadian members- relevant information, support, networking opportunities, benefits, and education.

Your 2018 Executive

Roberta Birnbaum, AFCI

Roberta Birnbaum, President

Kim Evans, AFCI

Kim Evans, Vice-President Membership

Emma Ivemey, AFCI

Emma Ivemey, Vice-President Events

Ann Strecko Koeman,  Secretary  

Audrey deJong, AFCI

Audrey deJong, Immediate Past-President

 Audrey deJong- Member at Large
Brenda Greenwood-Vernem, AFCI

Brenda Greenwood-Vernem, Special Advisor


Jim Thielen, AFCI

James Thielen, Special Advisor






Message from the President of AFCI Canada Chapter


The Canadian Chapter of the Association for Creative Industries has seen many great successes over the years; from the creation of the Canadian Designer, Educator and Creative Professional Retreats (now known as the AFCI Canada Retreats) to being able to offer Group Health & Dental Benefits. The Executive and committees are run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to the creative industry in Canada. Volunteerism is at the heart of our chapter and it comes with many unexpected rewards including networking connections, job opportunities, as well as learning and applying valuable leadership skills.

For many years our Canadian activities had been based in Ontario, and true to our vision for 2017 and beyond, we have planned many activities across the country, including meet-ups and retreats. It is of great importance to us to be as inclusive as possible; so that no matter where you are in Canada, you will feel like you belong and are an important part of AFCI Canada. We continue to encourage AFCI Canada members in other provinces to engage in volunteering within the association to help create valuable activities and opportunities in their own areas of the country and to increase the strength of numbers within our membership.


Our vision, mission and values have been established by our Canadian Executive and our existing committees have created templates and programs that are easily adaptable to other regions of Canada with local support. We personally would like to invite you to put up your hand and join us in promoting the creative industries in Canada in all its forms. Together we will join with other like-minded AFCI members and potential members in coming together to support our industry.

The greatest value in any association is the engagement that happens between members which means your membership dues can yield benefits over and above the services and discounts offered. Your volunteer time is an investment into your industry, and in our experience, that investment offers a high return relative to the cost of membership. We have made some excellent business connections with fabulous people who we now have the pleasure of calling friends


I am excited to serve as your new Canadian  President. Our new executive team encourages you to give us feedback, ask questions, give suggestions and of course volunteer. We would love to hear from you.

Roberta Birnbaum





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